Are you interested in history, fashion, or comedy? History San Jose's "Portraits of the Past" presents shows that are visually stunning, educational, historically accurate, and amusing. The friendly, fun loving, and talented volunteers make these programs an entertaining and educational view of days gone by in Santa Clara Valley.

Museum volunteers assume the roles of locally significant citizens, after careful biographical research to ensure historical accuracy, and portray these characters in interesting and often amusing sketches dealing with notable events in Valley history. We do exercise some license for entertainment value, but the commentary of the vignettes is based on factual local history. Appropriate background music adds additional atmosphere to each segment.

Beautiful period costumes, made and worn by performers, make the presentations particularly effective. POP conducts intensive research to ensure that the costumes are both appropriate to the era and authentically constructed. The costumes reflect all facets of life in our early history. Nearly every type of women’s garment is included, from delicate underclothing to the most elaborate ball gown, from ingénue costumes to mature dowager ensembles. Men’s clothing ranges from that of early miners to elegantly attired gentlemen escorting ladies to The Ball.

These Historical shows are an ideal choice for community groups interested in a program that educates, entertains and also provides a unique opportunity for a fund-raising event.